Braves News · Fall Athletic Award Winners

Letter Jacket Winners

B XC – Jordan Waldman
G GO – Lilly Nethercutt
G GO – Kianna Sharp
B TN – Brennan Bailey
B TN – Tyler Thayer
B TN – Wesley Yoars
G SC – Emma Moore
FB – Mason Barnes
FB – Hailey Warren
Cheer – Mackenzie Butler

TRC All-Conference Cross-Country 

Isaiah Wittenberg

Karli Miller
Abby Jordan
Lauren Driscoll

TRC All-Conference Girls Golf 

Ava Snyder
Courtney Stoll

TRC All-Conference Football 

Running Back – Carter Little
Offensive Lineman – Colin Deckard
Defensive Back – Nolan Kelly
Honorable Mention 
Richie Leary
Jared Blake

TRC All-Conference Boys Soccer 

Elijah Alvarado
Richie Leary
Zach Sparks
Bryant Teegardin

Honorable Mention 
Kyler Hanson
Tyler Stapleton

TRC All-Conference Girls Soccer 

Lacey Freeman

Honorable Mention 
Hayleigh Cole
Rachel Gunion

TRC All-Conference Boys Tennis 

Mason Yoars
Walker Hays
Wesley Yoars

TRC All-Conference Volleyball 

Lilly Maple

Honorable Mention
Averi Miller


TRC Academic All-Conference 
Criteria for Academic All-Conference is: Students must be a Junior or Senior and Participate and be Varsity Letter Winner on a TRC Sponsored Team, they must have a GPA of at least a 10.3 during their last term, and have a Class Rank of the top 15% in their class. Criteria for Honorable Mention is a GPA of 9.1 during their last term and have a Class Rank of the Top 30%.

B XC – Jaden Judson (Academic All-State Honorable Mention)
B XC – Jonah Loshnowsky
G XC – Rachel Eby
G XC – Kaitlyn Nice
FB – Graham Stoll
FB – Wesley Warren
G GO – Ava Snyder
B SOC – Bryant Teegardin (Academic All-State)
G SOC – Rachel Gunion
G SOC – Annie Isenburg
G SOC – Maddie Lorenz
G SOC – Emma Moore
G SOC – Molly Nord
G SOC – Kaylinn Teegardin
G SOC – McKenna Wilson
B TN – Brennan Bailey
B TN – Hayden Maiben
VB – Lilly Maple
VB – Elizabeth Martin (Academic All-State)

TRC Academic All-Conference Honorable Mention 

G XC – Alex Merritt
G XC – Karli Miller
FB – Cory Bockover
FB – Colin Deckard
FB – Garrett Spohn
G SOC – Hayleigh Cole
B TN – Walker Hays
B TN – Hayden Williamson
B TN – Wesley Yoars
VB – Anna Borden (Academic All-State)
VB – Brooke Borden (Academic All-State)
VB – Aubree Dedaker
VB – Keady Lawhorn (Academic All-State)
VB – Taylor Roesler (Wrestler)
VB – Emma Warnock