Multiple Teams · Lady Braves Basketball Summer Update

Since the end of school we have had two camps for our youth program, a full summer schedule of games, and a new 3-on-3 league. We had various girls attend the youth camps and we made great strides as a program. We focused a lot on how to prepare for practice and play and how to play the game of 3-on-3. Our main areas of interest were how to fast break, block out and rebound, play helpside defense, and how to get open and shoot more proficiently. As these younger girls continue to grow in their development, so does the program. The greater understanding they have of the game and how we play it determines the level of success we will be capable of in the years to come. This summer the varsity finished 7-6 and faired much better than the previous two summers. The girls are playing better as a team and more soundly on defense and in the fast break. Things are starting to click for us and when it does come all together watch out as this could be a team that may surprise everyone. The more time the girls get to play together and execute the offense the greater our chances for success are this season. We had girls from 3rd grade through seniors playing in 3-on-3 games this summer. It was a good first year for the league and we saw great improvement among our girls in regards to their level of play and understanding of basketball concepts. We hope to see the league grow into something far reaching like it use to be many years ago. The MS winners were Hallie Maiben, Shaelyn Powell, and Miranda Stoll. The HS winners were Madison Wilson, McKenna Wilson, Tara Wagoner, Monica Moore, Atlanta Huckelby, and Makaylah Castelow. We highly anticipate getting to work with our girls again come the end of August and into the season where I think we can try to establish ourselves as strong competitors in the TRC and among those on our schedule. It will take a lot of heart, hard work, and determination but I believe we have the right girls with the right mindsets who won’t accept anything less than their best as they continue to strive for success that will allow them to accomplish their goals and take on whatever comes their way.